We’ve been critical of the influx of commercial interest in the growing cannabis industry, yet here we are reviewing corporate edibles. The cannabis community swaps lots of recipes and skills, why buy the end product instead of sharing the way to make it? Not all cannabis patients that can benefit from edibles can make them; in smaller towns or less-accepting cities finding a friendly, trustworthy, reliable edibles-maker isn’t easy; and these days there are a lot more medicinal edibles available commercially than just baked goods.

Pot Products

Edibles are an excellent way to consume cannabis for patients who cannot ingest it in other ways. Many patients aren’t able to make their own for a variety of reasons from impedance to lack of interest.

Like me! I don’t make my own edibles. I came back to cannabis as an adult so I have no experience and I don’t really bake. Plus, vaping and smoking give me the effects I usually want. But I enjoy edibles, and had a blast when we received a bunch from Buddingham Palace to review!

Do not eat cannacookies when your cannacandy gives you the munchies!

Standard Reminder

Eating more edibles because you don’t think the edibles are working is how people end up needing emergency response space and time. I know about how long edibles take to hit me; if you don’t know for yourself, please give each edible an hour to work. Do not over-indulge overly quick.

I also had non-infused drinks and snacks on hand. Because treating edibles munchies with more edibles is another way people end up taking up emergency response space and time, unnecessarily.

Goodies Galore

The assortment from Buddington Palace ranged from classic to creative: cookies, drinks, and candy!

Canna Cookies

The cookies came from Buddington Place but were made by the Wake ‘N’ Bakery in Toronto. Even if we didn’t work together, I trust Tracy Curley’s expert baking way more than my own. Since the cookies weren’t uniform — they had different ingredients and possibly different baking methods — I tried each on their own before consuming any other cannabis.

Chocolate Chip Cookie: Nice thick cookie. It had the distinct cannabis cookie taste, but wasn’t overwhelmingly skunky. Had half a cookie followed by the other half after thirty minutes. I repeatedly mentioned it was hard to think and I was very stoned, but in a calm way. I felt “taller and shorter at the same time.”

Solid cookies that pack a (mellow) kick and can handle shipping and travelling.

Peanut Butter Cookie: Pressed with an Alice in Wonderland-esque “eat me” how could I say no? It was really good. Creamy, not grainy, with a slight cannabis taste so you know it’s there, but not greasy. I felt relaxed and calm but I was also giggling and typing like crazy. I definitely enjoyed my stone.

“Eat Me.” Gluten and Dairy Free Peanut Butter Canna Cookie. So good, I didn’t wait to take more pictures.

GingerSnapped Cookie: Exactly like a regular ginger snap cookie, no cannabis taste at all. But while there was none of that distinct taste there was certainly a high: I had the munchies big time. I ate every non-cannabis edible thing in the house over a four hour span and it was fantastic. If I’d had more edibles I probably would have eaten them all too.

A really good ginger snap cookie, no cannabis flavour but definite cannabis effects!

Dope Drinks

Pixie Mix’n’Go drinks are Kool-Aid for cannabis enthusiasts: 80 mgs of THC and 50 mgs of CBD in 28 grams of powdered mix to add to half a litre of water. I’m not a chemist, a drink mix isn’t something I could make for myself in controllable doses or appropriate quantities even if I wanted to learn how.

Pixie Mix’N’Go drink mixes (Fruit Punch not pictured since I was drinking it!)

I received Cherry, Fruit Punch, Kiwi, Orange, and Raspberry flavours. Because the ingredients and cannabinoid amounts are controlled I only needed to try one on its own to know what to expect of all of them.

Effects: I didn’t smoke up before drinking my first one, Fruit Punch, and was a little concerned that the sugar and other ingredients might aggravate my reflux before the CBD kicked in to soothe my stomach. But there was no such effect.

The high was definitely a body stone, and I made repeated notes of how relaxed I felt despite all the sugar. Pixie Mix’n’Go was not a mental high but that relaxation slowed my mind a lot, and even my speech was slower.

Favourite! Kiwi Pixie Mix’N’Go — a delicious, GREEN cannabis Kool-Aid.

Flavours: They all tasted like the flavours were supposed to, without any strong cannabis notes once mixed properly. I had sediment in the bottom of the cherry drink and it definitely tasted of cannabis at the end.

I was not enthused by the orange, but I don’t really like orange drinks. And just to see, I tried making the raspberry one with carbonated water. There’s definitely more of a chemical taste with carbonation, but it wasn’t bad as a drink.

Though I wish it would have had more tartness, I really liked the kiwi flavour. And there’s also something appealing about a bright green cannabis drink.

Pot Pixie Stix

Another Wake ‘N’ Bakery edible, not to be confused with the Pixie brand Mix’n’Go. These aren’t the Pixy Stix we ate as kids. For one thing, there’s more candy in the thick plastic straw than in the thinner drinking straw originals, for another they’re sweet not sweet and sour, and finally they’re cannabis, of course.

Pot Pixie Stix — more than sugar to get you buzzed.

Despite coming in green, yellow, and pink tubes, the powder inside is all purple and all the same flavour — grape, I think — and they have 75 mg each of THC. There’s a trace of cannabis aftertaste like you can get with baked goods. I’d probably have enjoyed them more if they were a little more tart. But again, I don’t eat a lot of sugary treats. And they still didn’t aggravate my reflux. 

Corporate Edibles

Sure, it would be nice to always have fresh-baked, homemade edibles. But for cannabis patients that can’t make their own, a trustworthy source for delicious products is the next best thing. And reputable edibles brands and companies that label with ingredients and doses are a reliable way to medicate for people that don’t want to, or can’t, inhale.