Together online and Twelve High Chicks Magazine in print are Twelve High Chicks, a pot publication that mixes weed-enjoyment with weed-activism, skepticism and feminism, serious cannabis issues and fun pot events, and other topics of interest to marijuana enthusiasts in Australia, Canada, the U.S., and around the world.

The name isn’t just a clever use of “THC“, there really are twelve of them: each Chick represents an overarching theme that we feel is important in pot culture, from the wide field of Star’s “Art, Music, and Pot” to specific favourites in Moon’s “Stuff We Love.” They’re represented by designed creations of founder Ajia Mae Moon and illustrator Mark Ingram and also by women who are not only local models in “Vansterdam” but are also fans of smoking reefer and are advocates for pot legalization.

Our regular and guest contributors include professional and aspiring writers, long-time activists and new consumers, medical patients and recreational smokers, parents, protesters, and just plain potheads.

Welcome to Twelve High Chicks! 

Ajia Mae Moon & the Twelve High Chicks team

The Directors