Twelve High Chicks is throwing a Mail Order Marijuana competition — a MOM cup — featuring our very own Chicks, and we would like you to join us!

February 24–26, 2017
Location: Private Venue in Vancouver, BC.  
Must be 19+ to attend.


All passes are now SOLD OUT.

Friday, February 24: Let’s Get Started!
Mingle, meet the Chicks, and pick up judges’ passes and kits.
(Kits can also be picked up ahead of time between 11 am and 7 pm, February 17th, 20th–23rd at the Three Happy Cats/Twelve High Chicks office: 912 - 207 Hastings St W.)

Saturday February 25: Entertainment!
Enjoy guest speakers, comedy, burlesque dancers, and music.

Sunday February 26: A Job Well Done!
Watch the awards with the Chicks, followed by a celebratory dinner.


Who can enter?

  • Medicinal MOMs
  • Recreational MOMs
  • Growers/manufacturers/suppliers for MOMs

Interested in competing?

Email [email protected] to submit your MOM’s strains to the MOM cup.

Physical entries must be received no earlier than February 1st and no later than February 14th, but the sooner we get your information, the sooner we can start talking about your MOM and your entry!

Remember, the only information you should send us is the information you want us to promote!

Want to compete but aren’t sure if you can attend? Or are you unable to have your identity revealed? Don’t worry! We can keep your personal identity safe, and one of our Chicks can accept your MOM cup on your behalf. Twelve High Chicks can then give you your award privately, or ship your cup via express post to a mailing address of your choice.

The Categories and Prizes?

Gorgeous glass cups handcrafted specifically for Twelve High Chicks, and a prize won with each cup.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place cups for four categories: Sativa Bud, Indica Bud, Hybrid Bud, and Extracts (all forms, including hash, budder, shatter, etc.), making twelve cups from Twelve High Chicks!

Heck! First place of each category even wins some cash!

How does this work?

There are four categories to enter and we require 225 samples for each entry (1 gram of bud per sample and/or 1/2 gram of extract per sample). You can prepack those for us, with your own labels, or our chicks can do this with 1/2 pound of cannabis and/or 1/4 pound of extract for you with our labels. Remember, entries must be received no earlier than February 1st and no later than February 14th.

(We realize there are only 200 judges’ kits being put together but in order to promote your company, take pictures for promotion and the magazine, etc., we need a few extra samples.)

The name and strain category for each entry is necessary, and a small description of your entry would be super helpful!


Interested in being a sponsor?

Then we definitely want to hear from you!

We have four levels of sponsorship you can chose from:

The Stoned Chicks go with Bronze - $420
The Hip Chicks go with Silver - $1000
The Classy Chicks go with Gold - $2000
And the Rich Chicks go with Platinum - $5000+

Email us for details on what your sponsorship package will include!