The Directors

Ajia Mae Moon

Ajia is owner and Editor-in-chief of Twelve High Chicks, her brainchild. An advocate and medical marijuana patient, Ajia created Twelve High Chicks as a platform to push for decriminalization, access, and freedom; to reflect the experiences of cannabis activists, casual tokers, moms-who-medicate, and those in-between; to provide factual information, helpful tips, and spin-free reporting; and to have fun while working towards cannabis legalization in Canada and around the world. When she’s not working, Ajia is busy spending time with her family, lobbying against cannabis prohibition, participating as an active voting member of the NDP, travelling, creating, and learning the guitar.

Jay Schmoeker

Jay is Senior Editor of Twelve High Chicks and has been involved since its inception — first as a writer, then as managing editor of the website — and was also the editor of our very first print edition. A poet with an affinity for haiku, leather, and activism, Jay replaced prescription medications with marijuana but is too stubborn to join the MMPR. With experience in numerous fields from business management to existential philosophy, Jay supports all reasoned opinions regarding anti-prohibition because discussion makes activism stronger, not weaker. And no, Schmoeker is not their real last name.

The Writers

Penny Puff

Penny Puff has been a casual pot smoker longer than she hasn’t, and will be among the first to say that some things are just better when you are high. First as a model and then as a writer, when she entered the world of cannabis activism she realized that beyond the Bob Marley music and over-sized joints there are many people of substance in the community who have much to say. Her focus has been on getting their messages to the rest of the world. Originally hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Penny now calls Vancouver, British Columbia home.

Opus 420

Mik Mann aka Opus 420 has over thirty years of cannabis growing experience both indoors and outdoors guerrilla-style. He stood as a BC Marijuana Party candidate in 2001 and 2005 and as a federal Marijuana Party candidate in 2004. Opus has had articles published in Cannabis Culture and SKUNK magazine, and has also had a show on for a number of years. In 2014 he performed his show on stage at Vapor Central in Toronto. Now back in BC, Opus writes for Twelve High Chicks and hosts “Opus Presents the 420 Lifestyle” airing Mondays on POT.TV.

Tracy Curley

Tracy was born in Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island — the descendant of bootleggers and rum runners, she was made to fight prohibition. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of six, Tracy uses her understanding of the stress and bureaucracy involved in being a ‘patient’ to help others in her role as a medical marijuana patients’ advocate. Tracy has been published a number of times and, as a regular contributing writer for Twelve High Chicks, is thankful that her voice can be heard.


Tamarijuana is an MMAR patient, writer, gardener, and baker. Since building the Southern Alberta Cannabis Club in 2007, she has been fighting for patients’ rights to access, grow, and use medical marijuana. Tamarijuana has been featured in print and has appeared on multiple television programs discussing cannabis freedom. She represents Norml Women’s Alliance of Canada and the International Women’s Cannabis Coalition, is CEO of Canadian Medical Cannabis Partners, and after moving to BC started the East Kootenay Cannabis Club.


Gooey Rabinski

Gooey Rabinski is a freelance writer and photographer who has covered adult use and medical cannabis in North America since 2004. After discovering the value of cannabis as a daily wellness agent (as well as a superior social elixir) Gooey decided there is an intense need for people to learn as much as possible about this therapeutic weed. He has contributed to Cannabis Culture, High Times, and SKUNK, among others. See more at and social media: Twitter/MassRoots @GooeyRabinski, Instagram @gooey_rabinski, and Facebook.