Ajia Mae Moon

Ajia is owner and Editor-in-chief of Twelve High Chicks, her brainchild. An advocate and medical marijuana patient, Ajia created Twelve High Chicks as a platform to push for decriminalization, access, and freedom; to reflect the experiences of cannabis activists, casual tokers, moms-who-medicate, and those in-between; to provide factual information, helpful tips, and spin-free reporting; and to have fun while working towards cannabis legalization in Canada and around the world. When she’s not working, Ajia is busy spending time with her family, lobbying against cannabis prohibition, participating as an active voting member of the NDP, travelling, creating, and learning the guitar.

Jay Schmoeker

Jay is Senior Editor of Twelve High Chicks and has been involved since its inception — first as a writer, then as managing editor of the website — and was also the editor of our very first print edition. A poet with an affinity for haiku, leather, and activism, Jay replaced prescription medications with marijuana but is too stubborn to join the MMPR. With experience in numerous fields from business management to existential philosophy, Jay supports all reasoned opinions regarding anti-prohibition because discussion makes activism stronger, not weaker. And no, Schmoeker is not their real last name.