Cannaflage Designs do not disappear into the background. The first thought I had while viewing their lookbook was how vivid each garment is. I didn’t see the cannabis leaves in the fabric right away, but my eyes were drawn directly to the clothes. And the happy part of my brain flickered brighter when I did notice the patterns: lively fractals.

Cannaflage Designs

This multifaceted company is based out of Southern Oregon, USA. Cannaflage Designs is run by a woman who has been farming cannabis for patients in Southern Oregon for many years with her husband and nephew, and they refer to their gardens as part of their family. The flowers are photographed, the plants are farmed, and the line is manufactured all in that familiar location.

Cannaflage has a reputation for locally sourcing labour and using eco-friendly materials. The company offers a fun range of clothing, magical home decor, and custom pieces for events, baby rooms, offices, and more.

On a sunny Friday, Cannaflage Designs founder, Karen Rumics-Averill, took some time to speak with me.

Classy cannabis as pictured by Cannaflage Designs.

Canna-Fashion Goals

All of their events, fashion shows, and speaking engagements use local models and photographers to encourage involvement in the fashion industry. “Many of our models are using medical cannabis, are full-size or disabled, and [we] are working to make our apparel so that everyone can wear them and feel wonderful.”

The versatility and comfort is apparent. Each garment from Cannaflage covers two sizes. And their collections range from size XS to 3XL, with custom pieces available larger. And everything has a pocket!

Rumics-Averill photographs the flowers in natural light, allowing their natural beauty to shine. They feel this showcase of crystals and colour is a creative and beautiful way to “finally weed out the stamped ‘leaf’ pattern from our homes and closets.”

“It is very important to me as a business owner to maintain the roots I live by,” Rumics-Averill noted, adding that their sewing team makes an effort to hire women, patients, and veterans.

“I am also working to change the face of cannabis and move us out of the counter-culture into mainstream,” Rumics-Averill states.

“The face of the cannabis industry is changing, unfortunately seeing quite a bit of Corporate America moving into the industry with their business profiles. It’s really important for those who have the grassroots businesses to not fall into that and look for ways that we can reuse and avoid the toxic ways of the corporate [world].”

Cannaflage Designs: rethink “corporate” and cannabis.

Earth Friendly Fashion

Reuse and refashion are common undertones for Cannaflage, which works towards zero waste. For instance, the idea for creating hat bands came from wanting to use up scraps.

They also create their “Bud-dy” dolls from misprints or off-cut fabric. They go to children undergoing medical marijuana treatment as a friend by their side.

It’s not just making use of otherwise wasted material. “Again, in the interest of reuse and refashion we are showcasing our suit jackets which can be lined for business conference and [we] have a line of silk ties.”

CannAloha Ties: using every piece of fabric.

To coincide with their earth-friendly nature, Cannaflage offers wares made from recycled rayon mixed with fully natural wood waste. It’s a health-conscious option when most “eco-friendly” brands use materials mixed with any wood, even that which may have been treated with toxic ingredients.

When speaking about fabric choices, they search out recycled fabrics that are useable and won’t be going to landfills. Like their swimwear, made with recycled polyester to ensure longevity and function in wet environments.

CannAloha Swimwear: recycling rarely looks this good.

As much as people want and ask for hemp, Rumics-Averill explained the added cost and loss in design are prohibitive.

CannAloha Collection

2017 brings the launch of their CannAloha Collection with tours in California, Florida, and Hawaii.

The new line boasts Hawaiian shirts, golf shirts, neck ties, tunics, skirts, dresses, and swimsuits. All feature Amnesia Kush, Blueberry, Blue Widow, and Purple Nepal strains. The company tried to include special things in their designs: side pockets on the men’s shirts for vape pens, a skirt that can be worn long or slid up to wear as a dress, or a reversible maxi dress that gives two different looks using either the pattern or blocking in the front.

CannAloha Maxi Dress: for all your cool cannabis summer looks.

Cannaflage Designs will show the line at outdoor markets, pop-up events, and fashion shows. “Quite often, I will find a group of fun people, dress them up, and walk down the beach or pier,” Rumics-Averill told me. “We will also be scheduling pop-up beach fashion walks on all the islands. I believe Hawaii will be scheduled in conjunction with the International Cannabis Business Conference Kauai in December.”

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