For those of us that like both weed and sex, well, we know that not much can beat mixing the two. But there are some variables in there that may inhibit the perfect experience for some people. So I did my research, mixed that with a fair amount of my own personal experience (of course), and made some guidelines for the glorious mix of weed and sex. Happy smoking-and-sexing!

Find a fellow pot smoker…or someone 420-friendly

If possible, find someone who loves to smoke weed as much as you do. But let’s face it, not everyone’s wired the same and some people may not be super into weed…it makes them paranoid or something. So if you can’t, well, smoke it without them; they’ll be very happy you did once your sexual escapades ensue.

Make sure your weed is good

The better the weed the better the stoned sex. Go for a good sativa-dominant blend; 70/30 seems to be about right. Organic or medical mj is best but everyone’s different – see what works best for your partner and you.

Roll a perfect joint

A nice smooth doobie really sets the mood. You want that baby to burn smoothly with no burn outs. Also, make sure it’s just the right amount—you don’t want to be overly high or just not high enough so find out the right dosage for you and your partner. Vaporisers and bongs work nicely as well.

Play some Mood Music

The perfect sexual experience is most-often accompanied by a soundtrack which makes for an ecstatic, sensual journey. Music brings out the sensual, emotional and philosophical sides of humans—very sexy—and the combination of music and weed is magical to say the least. Go for steady tempos—not too fast, not too slow. Mixes and EPs of electronic, slow- to mid-tempo beats with exotic instruments and harmonies are very sexy and primal—highly recommended. Check out Phaeleh or ‘Medicine Man’ on for some sensual mixes that will take you on your journey.

Light Candles

If there’s a fire in the room it can’t help but bring out the fire in your souls which we all know is super hot during sex. Go for scentless beeswax or soy candles. Most candles contain lead and paraben and toxic perfumes—No thanks! A local hippie store should have some good ones. Don’t be afraid of the price – they last way longer than the cheap ones.

Have lots of fluids and lubes around

Last thing you want is dry-mouth or dry-body during a sexual experience. Coconut water is a perfect drink as it has a great balance of electrolytes with just the right amount of sweetness.

As for lubricants, coconut oil is wonderful for many different things, it tastes great, and well, it’s always fun to have your favourite lube nearby. Like all oils, it shouldn’t be used with latex condoms—for those, use silicone or water-based lubes.

Smoke shortly before sex

It’s best to smoke your dube just before, and not longer than ten minutes before, you want to start. It’s super fun to start feeling your high while your partner’s sensual touch is melting you away…very sexy. Plus, the act of sharing a joint is a good way to connect before sex.

Live and Breathe in the Moment

Let the present moment and the spiritual act of souls joining in an erotic dance carry you into your bliss. Surrender to your senses and allow the physical delicacies you share with your partner to free you from your mind and take you on a journey of the sensual.