Welcome to Year Two of Twelve High Chicks online!

Over our winter hiatus, while we worked to bring you Twelve High Chicks Magazine in print, our design team was also hard at work here on the site. We hope you’ll be as happy with it as we are.

You’ll notice our new look isn’t just attractive, it has also improved functionality. We’ve made it easier to navigate to topics of interest with direct links to categories and main tags on the home page. And more of each post is visible before clicking, so it’s easier to find past articles that you might want to revisit or share with friends.

All twelve chicks have grown some, too. Each has improved her focus to better represent our readership and the current landscape of pot, politically and culturally. Find them on “The Chicks” page to discover what we’ll be looking into. From Corey’s growing interest in spirituality while she still rambles stoned through her forest to Lillie’s conviction that Canada will lead the way for global legalization, they’ve all got fresh ideas and enthusiasm for where pot culture and our community are going next.

Our writers — some as yet unknown, some well established here on twelvehighchicks.com — are also raring to go with new articles, interviews, opinions, and stories. You can expect new ideas and advice, research and recommendations, current events and walks down memory lane posted on Fridays at 4:20pm.

We hope you’ll be here each week, and will also be joining us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.