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Some drugs — like sugar, alcohol, and caffeine — are legal and their effects widely researched, while those that are in the law’s grey and black areas – like cannabis – are not as understood. So something to consider is how these drugs interact, which came up during a road trip I was on recently.

"Wait. Do caffeine and cannabis cancel each other out? DO THEY?"

“Wait. Do caffeine and cannabis cancel each other out? DO THEY?”

The lot of us were tokers, some for medical reasons and others for purely recreational ones, on an adventure based around attending Mardi Grass in Nimbin, Australia. Obtaining, and smoking, bud was high on the priority list, but another substance was in play that became a craze pretty

quickly among the car mates: coffee.

The luscious, creamy, slightly bitter piece of heaven was packed into every long-awaited latte on our road trip. I say long-awaited because the coffee shops were insanely popular and we often found ourselves waiting for upwards of half an hour for an order of six lattes. (Coffee culture is serious business!)

One morning, we were taking the first sips of a round of lattes, steaming in the brisk air, and lighting up freshly rolled joints when I wondered aloud, “do the effects of weed and coffee cancel each other out?”

Here we were, anticipating the soothing, tingly effects of the magical flower we were about to smoke, while savouring every last sip of our caffeine-packed third lattes of the day. Experiencing these two pleasures together definitely had an appeal, maybe it was because all of our senses were being peaked simultaneously with the combination of the two.

Researching the topic online later that night, I found out that no, THC and caffeine’s effects do not cancel each other out but do affect each other. The sense of euphoria associated with cannabis may even increase when it’s paired with caffeine.

From addiction studies to new canna-products to homebrew trends, here is a look at what’s being said about coffee and cannabis on the web:

"Increased euphoria?" *puff and sip*

“Increased euphoria?” *puff and sip*

Coffee & Cannabis Euphoria

study that came out last year suggests that injecting a chemical analogous to caffeine increases the use of THC, perhaps by increasing the euphoric effects. This might mean that drinking lots of coffee can increase the chances of addiction to pot. However, the same study also suggests that small amounts of a similar stimulant reduces use and could help break a cannabis addiction. Since neither chemical is actually caffeine, and the experiment was conducted on animals, we’ll be watching for further studies in this area.

Canna-Coffee on the Market

One of the latest marijuana crazes combines cannabis and coffee directly (would you like some THC with your caffeine?) giving new meaning to “wake and bake” and “coffee pot!” For about ten dollars a pop, stores in Washington and California are reportedly selling cannabis-infused single-use coffee K-cups carrying 10 mg of THC.

There are many other coffee-related products that boast THC content also available. When considering products to get cannabis on store shelves across the world, coffee is one to watch — it’s a delivery method already consumed by the masses.

Bulletproof® Canna-Coffee

Fans of edibles have been adjusting the Bulletproof® Coffee craze — a combination of coffee, grass-fed butter, and a branded medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil — to experiment with a cannabis version. While the original recipe was created in 2009 by Dave Asprey, variations have started to become popular in the last few years, such as using whole coconut oil instead of fractionated MCT oil.

The marijuana version of the hot drink uses cannabutter. Created by a barista in Seattle, it’s now served at the Seattle ‘cannabis lifestyle shop’ Tricone, which also occasionally holds tastings for the brew.

I recently tried straight butter in my coffee in a Singapore coffee shop, one of the ways they drink it there, and I could barely swallow it down. I won’t be trying coffee with infused butter any time soon!

It’s interesting to read about how my two favourite vices affect one another, but for now I plan on keeping the two separate but together – no THC-infused coffee for me, but a joint and a cup of joe (or four dollar latte) any day!