Vancouver is world class city when it comes to how easily we get our pot. Medicinal or recreational, we have access to top notch bud nearly round-the-clock 365 days a year. And we wear that badge with honour. But recently, I felt like the game stepped up with deluxe cannabis delivery.

After a roaring hot day on Wreck Beach I was feeling lazy from the pilgrimage, and wanted to end my day with fewer errands and more couch. No surprise, I had finished all my weed on the beach, and we can’t have that, can we? Luckily, my beach companion had a line on delivery and introduced me to Compassion In Motion (CIM). It was my first experience with a cannabis delivery service of this caliber, and it was impressive, to say the least.

I’ve had cannabis delivered to my door before, that’s not what the big deal is. It’s how it was delivered that really stood out to me.

Deluxe Cannabis Delivery

There was a certain elegance to their process. And I really appreciated that it didn’t feel like “buying drugs.” I have always disliked that feeling; I’m generally a law-abiding citizen, and something feels wrong about buying that bag of green the same way one would buy a flap of cocaine.  

Also, I’ve had some great cannabis delivery guys over the years (I’m looking at you, Rob) but Compassion in Motion arrived after less than 30 minutes, with a check-in to let us know they were en route. It’s not always about how long you wait, but who has time to sit around waiting for someone to show up whenever they feel like it? And even if other cannabis delivery services aren’t jerks about your time, CiM still has something better.

An unassuming woman showed up at the door with a discreet case. After exchanging pleasantries, she opened it up to reveal a selection of bud comparable to an average storefront dispensary’s. All of it looked amazing. Nice buds, well-labelled with all the information a buyer could need. We had several grades to choose from but the majority were top shelf, just the way I like it. 

Everything was stored in such a way to make any connoisseur happy. I was able to pick out several varieties, and have my questions knowledgeably answered. Notably, there was a nice mix of old favourites and new strains, something I think we all can appreciate. Nothing worse than buying a bag of weed that really isn’t for you. CiM marks everything clearly, so if you buy a few baggies like I did, you won’t forget what is what. I won’t speak for everyone, but I forget that stuff all the time.

CiM cannabis delivery

Beautiful big buds of Frosted Cherry Cookies from Compassion in Motion cannabis delivery.

They were kind enough to lay out some key points:

Compassion in Motion

Mobile for Maximum Convenience

“Why go to the store when the store can come to you?” The inspiration for this professional service was when doctors used to make house calls, one shouldn’t need to leave the house to get their medicine. We service the majority of the GVRD and accept credit card and email money transfers.

Cannasseur Experience

Compassion in Motion is the exclusive distributor of Curó, the world’s first cured cannabis brand for the Cannasseur. We have discreet, dedicated, professionally-trained staff to guide clients through a wide range of constantly evolving strain and product selection.

Personalized with Integrity

In this world where what you see is not always what you get, this is the only service which allows you to personally handpick your medicine.  There is no “bait and switch” as occurs in certain dispensaries where you are shown one thing, yet weighed out or sold something completely different, and online mail order is even further removed. Furthermore, recent terpene studies have elucidated the importance of smell in choosing the right strains for each client.

Secure and Discrete

This service’s foundation is built upon discretion, as many adults and professionals do not wish to be seen going in and out of dispensaries for the sake of their privacy or profession. Nor do they want their personal information at risk if a dispensary is raided and computers are seized, as happens relatively often. see: Cannabis Culture Headquarters recent raids.

Triple Tested

Compassion in Motion maintains the highest standards in quality, triple tests all product to ensure no molds, contaminants nor chemicals.

Compassion in Motion Catering

We also cater events and weddings, as well as offer educational and interactive Compassion Parties (similar to Passion Parties but for cannabis products) with options for female only parties.

Changing Cannabis’ Image

I’ve pointed out before that I think that the cannabis community has an image problem. It wasn’t so long ago that cannabis cultivation was completely underground, and not everyone was willing to raise their hands as admitted pot smokers. But times have changed, and many average citizens are asking for safe, reliable ways to get their cannabis.

Store fronts are great, but with this year’s raids in mind, some people don’t want to walk into a shop for fear of being seen, or having their purchases be a matter of record. Or maybe they are like me, and would rather have their order fall in their lap.  

If you are in the GVRD and have mobility issues, or are simply feeling lazy, give them a call at 778-223-4370 (their voice mail will give you directions from there). You can also check out their website at

You won’t regret it.

For information and entertainment purposes only for legal patients. Twelve High Chicks does not endorse or encourage breaking ridiculous, unnecessary, punitive laws. *ahem*