Raised in Brampton, Ontario by her birth parents, Sarah Hanlon’s background was the youngest of four siblings whom she has always considered to be her rocks. With a well structured childhood, Sarah was brought up adopting values like respect, compassion, and kindness through the loving guidance of her family. Honesty and kindness have always been Sarah’s strong suits, which is how she ultimately won the hearts of thousands of Canadians in Season 3 of Big Brother Canada.

After attending university, Sarah moved to Toronto to meet like-minded folks and bring her energy to an ever-growing cannabis community. She sought out new and adventurous friends at Vapor Central, a notorious, cannabis friendly vapour lounge in the heart of downtown Toronto. If you have never been to Vapor Central, it’s a great place to socialize among your weedy mates. I highly recommend stopping in and checking out the vibe if you ever happen to be in the area.

Popular among her new peers, she easily found herself accepted. Establishing employment there as a server was easy, since Sarah won the hearts of her co-workers, clients, and guests with her winning attitude and altruistic charm. Her ultimate goal had been to move to Toronto in order to audition for Big Brother Canada. Her family and friends supported her dream so Sarah auditioned as herself: the loveable, stoney girl-next-door.

When the Big Brother audition time came, her stars aligned and Sarah auditioned on her day off of work. She went down for the open casting call with the idea of being herself, because it was their advice for what they were casting: an honest and raw personality. Sarah’s personality won Big Brother Canada over during the audition. They saw her as a unique character that could contribute, and were happy to bring her on the show.

Being on the third season of Big Brother Canada — and winning it — has given Sarah an opportunity to be the voice for cannabis culture in Canada. This ultimately landed her a column with a local media organization, and obtained her her own show on Livestream, “The Sarah Hanlon Show.”  She has utilized her outcomes for the greater good and has demonstrated an openness, an honesty, that most reality personalities lack.

Today, Sarah attends events like PRIDE Toronto, cannabis events and rallies, and speaks about her cannabis activism at women’s organizations such as Women Grow. Sarah has always aspired to be a voice for cannabis and took it upon herself to obtain social recognition to get her voice heard. What a brilliant idea!

In my Twelve High Chicks interview, we will explore how honesty won the heart of Canadians, and how Sarah proved to the world that stoners are competent and able!

Photo courtesy of Sarah Hanlon