After hotel-hopping across Oregon and California, we finally made it to San Francisco a couple of nights later. Once arrived we made our way to Google Glass Basecamp. Unfortunately, we were visiting on the one day of the week that they’re closed. After figuring that out, we decided to drive on to California’s Great America amusement park to smoke joints, get really high, and ride some big, fast roller coasters.

Best viewed through a haze of smoke

Cannabis and roller coasters are one heck of an amazing experience. I highly recommend riding a roller coaster stoned out of your mind! Filled with positive and negative g-forces, it’s like going to space and back. It’s really incredible feeling all of that while being high as a kite.

After that adrenaline rush through the roof we drove to Modesto, California to visit James’ parents. We were greeted warmly and offered food right away; I could really feel the love. Unfortunately, we only had a few hours to stay before finding a hotel room since we were somewhat rushed and constantly on the move.

Once we checked in at the Courtyard Marriot (now closed) in Modesto that was it— time to smoke a bunch of joints, make an online appointment to visit Google Glass BaseCamp and finally hit the hay. We were exhausted!


We woke up the next day, smoked some joints, got stoned, and started back towards San Francisco, continuing our mission to get to Google Glass BaseCamp.

The experience was pretty awesome. We walked in and were immediately offered drinks, including alcohol, while we browsed. Our sales rep was very well educated about Glass and she made the lesson very easy and Glass very simple to understand. That I found really great—just say “okay, Glass” and the menu pops up—my breath was taken away, as was that of my friends! I could finally understand why Mae Moon wanted to drive all the way from Vancouver, Canada to San Francisco, California. That’s some serious distance for a piece of technology but I must say it was worth every moment.

James the American purchased a pair and after quickly filling out some forms was allowed to gift them to Mae. We got to visit Google Glass BaseCamp and Mae got her own pair of Google Glass. Our mission was accomplished!

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