Thumbnail of Kitten PuffKitten Puff here to continue the Twelve High Chicks’ quest to find the best. And I wanted to find the best LP for MMPR patients to compare to M.O.M.s, but boy did I have trouble starting.

Let me tell you about it.

From a Mom’s Perspective

I am Canadian mother with my MMPR (Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations) prescription for chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression.  Like a lot of MMPR patients, I had used marijuana for years to treat my health problems. Eventually, with the help of my doctors, I decided to give medical marijuana a try.

As a mom, having my MMPR definitely appealed to me. I would be legally allowed to medicate without any fear — provided I used my prescription meds responsibly, away from any children, and outside of my home. And I must keep everything safely out of reach of children. This has always been the case with my use so was easy enough to maintain.

At-Home Ease with LPs

The main thing that did change when I got my medical marijuana prescription was where I got my weed. Having my MMPR meant I no longer needed to risk breaking the law to get my anxiety and pain medication on the “street.”

Through a Licensed Producer (LP) I can place an order from my phone and have it shipped to my doorstep. Just as if I was online shopping for any other product. Some LPs offer first-time purchase incentives, like your first five grams free, and bulk order incentives such as free shipping.

Of course, it’s not just like online shopping: no one needs a prescription to purchase new clothes. 

Picking a Provider

My doctor prescribes a daily limit, in grams, of how much marijuana I should be using, and that prescription is sent to whichever LP I choose.

After registering, the LP keeps track of how many grams/month they are allowed to sell. A prescription of one gram per day allows for a person to order up to thirty grams per month from the LP and no more. These thirty grams can be purchased all at once, or slowly over the month.

When you sign up with a Licensed Producer, it is assumed that you will stay with that particular LP for a minimum of three months. So choose wisely. Not all of the LPs offer a preview of the products they carry before you register with them. If you register with an LP that doesn’t offer the strains or products that you need, switching LPs means a trip to your doctor to re-submit your prescription to a new LP. And there will be a waiting period between speaking with your doctor and being able to place an order.

I know this first hand.

Not Always Easy

I recently called my doctor’s office to see if they could assist me in switching to a different LP by forwarding my information and prescription to the new company. I hoped this could be done with a simple phone call, but I was told I would need to see my doctor first.

The next day, after an abnormally long wait (I’d been accidentally overlooked) I finally saw my doctor to ask for help switching LPs. She told me she could split the prescription between two if that would give me a better selection of products and offered choices. I was happy to take her suggestion and new prescriptions were forwarded to the LPs: Canna Farms and CannTrust.

It took nearly two hours just to spend five minutes with my doctor.  

Not exactly convenient, but if you want to have and keep your MMPR you will spend a lot of time with your doctor. Every three months you will review your prescription and medical treatment. And this is where you can tell your doctor if your prescription needs to be increased or decreased depending on your medical needs.

You will also be drug tested every six months. This is usually a simple urine test at your local lab.

As an MMPR patient, you must be very patient.

Are M.O.M.s for the Impatient Patient?

I spoke with my doctor on a Thursday. By the next Tuesday I had re-registered with my original LP and registered with the second recommended LP.  But when I logged on with both, my medical forms had not yet been recorded by either company.

I am not sure if this is because my prescriptions weren’t forwarded by my doctor’s office or if the companies hadn’t yet processed the forms. So I must wait for the prescriptions to be validated before I can place an order.  

But while I patiently wait on medical confirmation and validation of my prescription from Canna Farms and CannTrust, I will give Mail Order Marijuana (M.O.M.s) a try. I am interested in comparing price; product variety, availability, and quality; speed of service; and general experience.  

Can the average Canadian without their MMAR/MMPR/ACMPR prescription still access good quality marijuana online? Is ordering weed right to your door without a prescription as easy as I have been told? I intend to find out!

The Twelve High Chicks M.O.M. Cup, February 2017

We hope by now you’ve heard of our Twelve High Chicks M.O.M. Cup in February 2017. But if not, the details are here, passes here, and the Facebook event is here.

I’ll see you there … without the kids!