Our Deeper Connection with Cannabis


The soaring generation of personal cannabis freedom has become the spirit of  coping with the dramatics of today’s society, but lends a confident self-reflecting insight as to where we are going, who we truly are becoming, and where our evolution originated.


Cannabis has been our guide since day one, and it has opened our third eye to a benevolent origin of our now sifted culture. It opened a gate to who we truly are, and has exposed the natures of our personal behaviors, and our true inner-spirit, or lack thereof. And as sexual creatures, we connect to our own personal origin, translating the connection to our deepest desires in careers, friendships and our spirituality- our personal and universal evolution.


Our sexuality as cannabis loving humans has cascaded into a beautiful story by unveiling to us of who we really are, and what our deeper experiences can offer one another on all platforms of existence. The art of Cannabis’ seduction offers a new found anti-religion of spiritual respects, multi-partnerships and deeper connections to the plant and to one another. And the new found discovery of this connection perpetuates a divine sense of self-comfort, carrying us through the tides we endure as the journey of evolution continues.


Cannabis’ Seduction; What This Interprets as Humans


Breaking the rules has never been a second thought when it came to advocating for cannabis, whether it be medically or recreationally. Connected humans like myself, have always had a self-understanding as to why we’ve appreciated cannabis for its connection with us, so we nurture that. It has been our inherent connection and our quest to liberate it, to unconditionally love it and to fully understand it. However, in retrospect, cannabis has also been a motivator in which disconnected humans have taken advantage of, leaving a hardened residue of chaos and turmoil in the lives of its true supporters. In between all the insanity, cannabis remains to be the rising star of our new generation while everyone watches and waits to see what the future of cannabis becomes.


As a person who has always advocated for cannabis, I also believe it to be a seductress in the world we live in, but from my overall perspective, it’s in a good way. From my experience, She has been a guiding light in the darkest hours of my life, and has alleviated many symptoms of my physical pain. She has opened up my mind and has giving me motivation to get about my day. At night, She helps me sleep, and helps me forecast the day to follow.


As I have adopted a sensible and responsible livelihood with cannabis, I have also grown to appreciate the effects of cannabis in active aspects of my life. For example, I enjoy using THC for a great workout at the gym, as it makes me more focused and I seem to have more patience with myself and my routine. After the gym, I like adding CBD to my smoothies to help repair and build those muscles. I get optimal results whereas I didn’t before I tried this regimen.

On the sexier side of life, cannabis has unleashed my self-confidence and has helped me love my natural body as I am starting to get older. Sex today has been the best of my life thanks to cannabis. I have become uninhibited, and that has created more welcoming paths with sexier partnerships and like-minded spirits.


Cannabis will always be a seductress in my world. The influential ability it offers us as humans is something to embrace and something to fully explore. That connection is what we should always hang onto. This is the true art of cannabis’ seduction, connecting us to who we are and who we will become. This year brings us new beginnings gifting the universe with pivotal new challenges and deeper connections with ourselves and with others.  While the tides are high, the new Cannabis evolution articulates a sense of personal freedom as we begin to reflect to the future with a larger sense of self-purpose and to seek out deeper, longer lasting partnerships rather than labeled relationships, or enabling toxic ones. In with the new, out with the old. Attitudes and feelings will evolve with cannabis, as challenges will be met with fire and passion.