The cup faced certain challenges this year, including a desperate search for a venue after an asshole — I mean arsonist — severely damaged our original location, forcing it to close for repairs. Twelve High Chicks M.O.M. Cup 2018 sponsors were vital in securing our eventual, beautiful venue in Surrey, BC … and thereby including delicious meals on all three days for all attendees. A huge plus for hungry stoners!

Whether their products filled judging kits, they provided time and energy, or financially sponsored the event, the M.O.M. Cup was made such a success because of their generosity. For obvious reasons, many don’t have a direct sales presence but they’re online — Google is a great tool for sources for wherever in Canada you’re from.

M.O.M. Cup 2018 Sponsors

M.O.M. Cup 2018 couldn’t have happened without these sponsors:


Platinum Sponsors

Thanks especially to our Platinum sponsors, for stepping up and helping out so thoroughly. Without their assistance, the cup would not have been possible. Thank you.

M.O.M. Cup 2018 sponsor - LG

Lady Green


M.O.M. Cup 2018 sponsors Nimbin Hemp Embassy

Nimbin Hemp Embassy


Gold Sponsors

Many wonderful cannabis companies were Gold M.O.M. Cup 2018 sponsors this year. You’re proof that supporting each other is always better. Thank you!  


M.O.M. Cup 2018 sponsors Goo Goodness

Goo Goodness

Sunshine Rosin

M.O.M. Cup 2018 Top Drawer Canna

Top Drawer Canna



So many silver sponsors this year helped us out when we really needed it in so many ways. Thank you so much.




Nimbin Ganja Faeries


Finally, thank you to the Bronze M.O.M. Cup 2018 sponsors. Your sponsorship and assistance meant so much to us.

Essie Thomas Music

M.O.M. Cup 2018 sponsors HG

The High Guys

MJ Creams