A huge M.O.M. Cup 2018 thanks to all of our performers. Their sets were beyond fantastic, more than we could ask for! The performances set the tone each night, and kept tongues wagging the next day. Ajia picks cannabis-friendly performers for adult entertainment, comedy, speakers, and games … the M.O.M. Cup is unlike any other because of their talents.

Thank you, Hosts!

We’d like to say thank you to Spandy Andy, our host and spandexed leader of the weekend’s fun. A ball of energy and enthusiasm both on the stage and running around the venue, we could count on his encouragement to keep the party going. Thank you, Spandy Andy!

Thanks go out to Neil Magnuson for announcing when needed, hosting our Saturday panels and talks, for closing the weekend, and for wearing his fantastic leafy cannabis suits and repping both recreational and vitally important medical use of cannabis all weekend.


Friday Night Thanks, Especially!

Thanks go out to everyone that braved the Friday snow storm by shuttle, transit, or car to attend and perform at our Adult Entertainment Night featuring Brent Ray Fraser’s XXXplosions!

We owe a big thank you to Tracy Curley for stepping up during the snowstorm to read Dana Larsen’s The Pie-Eyed Piper, the newest publication from Pothead Books.

Thanks to Star Captain, returning with a special cannabis-themed burlesque performance as Daisy 2018, our Recreational Weed Chick!

We were thrilled to introduce electro-club drag by Jaylene Tyme. Set off beautifully by Carlotta getting everyone going with classic drag. Both fabulous performers made it out for M.O.M. Cup 2018, thanks!

Of course we must thank Brent Ray Fraser! Was it possible to outdo his Mountie performance of last year? Yes! There is an extra gravitas to a naked, white-paint-covered cock when classical music is playing in the background. Followed by political commentary before audience interaction? Yes, please!

Everything on Friday night was geared towards making Ajia’s birthday as great as it could be. And you all added to that joy. Thank you.


Saturday Thanks

Saturday was a whirl of sorting out logistics after Friday’s storm, and some serious (and not so serious) conversations while we toked some seriously good cannabis.

Thank you to our panelists: Dr David Allen, Frances Moonshadow, Tracy Curley, Jamie Shaw, Adela Falk, Murray Cosatto, and Jeffrey Lundstrom for discussing and speaking on medical cannabis and recreational legalization.

Next up was Opus 420’s Pot of Gold, thank you game show host with the tokes, and lovely assistant Esthero 2018. And congrats to the winners!

Then Dennis Boisvert of Pow420 was roasted … by his own kid. Harsh. Thanks, Dylan Boisvert!

And Saturday ended with stoner stand-up! Thanks go out to James Hammond for bringing the giggles to a room of people who’d been dabbing and judging all day. A great way to end M.O.M. Cup 2018 day two!


Sunday Thanks

A huge thanks to Essie Thomas! For not only a gorgeously powerful performance to a rapt audience, but for technical and sound assistance through the weekend.

We watched a fantastic stand up set from Precious Chong. Thank you so much for the laughs and the classic cannabis tales of your youth. As well, thank you for awarding the cups!

Patrick “Redbeard” Vrolyk deserves an extra-special thank you for stepping up to host the live auction. Some of the most amusing auctioneering ever to grace a stage. Thanks also to his iridescent assistants for showing off the items and getting those bids high. And of course, thanks to the bidders and auction winners!  

Finally, thanks to all the Wolf Moon staff, the Chicks, and the Moons for busting tail and putting on a damned great cup!