Thank you to all our judges and entrants, and congratulations to the M.O.M. Cup 2018 winners. What a blast, and what a selection to judge! From our online judges enjoying in the comfort of their own homes to our judges on the couches in the heated toking tent (hosting the free dab bars) a lot of cannabis was sampled and found worthy.  Each year, competing M.O.M.s bring their A-game (and A-strains) and it just gets better and better.

Here’s a list (and links) to all the M.O.M. Cup 2018 winners:

2018 Cups:

Edibles (VIP):

3rd Place ~ Jen Bennett, Rocky Road Treats
2nd Place ~ Pauline, My Medibles
1st Place ~ Budderfly Infusions, Peppermint Chocolate Truffles


3rd Place ~ Beard Brothers Society, Live resin
2nd Place ~ Flawless Concentrates, Amsterdam extract
1st Place ~ Beard Brothers Society, Lemon extract


3rd Place ~ Terpfire
2nd Place ~ Dirty Dave’s Dispensary
1st Place ~ Lady Green


3rd Place ~ Jeff Lundstrom (Continental Group)
2nd Place ~ Terpfire
1st Place ~ Lady Green


3rd Place ~ Lady Green
1st Place TIE ~ Terpfire
1st Place TIE ~ Mary Jane Mail

2018 Activists of the Year:

Dana Larsen
Cindy Heemeryck (Overgrow Canada)