Garden fairies come at dawn.

Bless the flowers then they’re gone.

-Author Unknown-


I’ve never been to Australia but whenever I meet an Australian tourist I always ask the same question.


“ Have you ever been to Nimbin?”


It’s comparable to asking if you’ve ever gone to 420 in Vancouver, BC or The High Times Cup, based on the answer you will know if the person you are talking to is a cannabis enthuthiast.


Nimbin Mardis Grass was founded in 1993 by Bob Hopkins and will celebrate its 26th Cannaversary May 3-5th, 2019  in northern NSW Australia.


This writer is jealous, green with envy even, as an envoy of colleagues and friends will be attending and participating in this years upcoming event.


Presentations by our own fearless leader, Weed Woman, and publisher of Twelve High Chicks Magazine, Mae Moon will take place during the Hemposium and Conference that is part of the Mardi Grass weekend.


Attendees and campers will also get to meet famed Canadian glass artist, Patrick Vrolyk of Redbeard Glass, as well as USA based artist David Nickles of Oneiros Glass.


This international conference features speakers from Australia, The Netherlands, Canada and the United States.


Returning this year will be Adela Falk Weed Woman and co-founder of POW420,  and Australia POW420 an advocacy group that works on behalf of those serving time for marijuana crimes reminding us that No One Belongs in Jail for a Plant.


Joining Adela and Denis Boisvert of POW420, her first visit to Mardi Grass is Elvy Musikka, a long time cannabis patient from the United States and the only person in the USA under the Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program to receive 300 government prepared pre-rolled joints each month, though she is sure the cannabis she used to grow to treat the symptoms of her glaucoma was better, she continues to improve with a steady use of government supplied marijuana.


Returning is Sita Von Windheim, Canadian Medical Patient Advocate and founder of original Amsterdam Café and Hemporium in Vancouver, Canada in 1997. After selling her successful PollenMaster business in 2015, Sita now works full time with Cannabis Medicine – consulting with patients and making custom formulations to manage a wide variety of conditions: migraines, insomnia and arthritis, women’s health, skin disease, ADD, PTSD, seizure disorders, cancer…..the list is very long.


Rounding out the International speakers,Charly Bedrossian from Cannabis College Amsterdam, a non-profit that offers free education and advice on the safe use of medical and recreational cannabis. Charly is a volunteer a the cannabis college and also hear grower while he also continues his duties as Community Manager for Amsterdams famous Sensi Seeds Bank. Charly’s motto is to learn something new every day and share that knowledge with others.


Lastly Alice O’Leary Randall, U.S. medical cannabis advocate and author. A hospice nurse and grief counselor while working  with Mary’s Medicinals of Denver she developed the Cannabis Primer series in 2015 and Mary’s Prime Time in 2017. She has served on the Board of Directors for American Cannabis Nurses Association. Her book, Medical Marijuana in America: Memoir of a Pioneer was first released in April 2014.  Her most recent publication is Mary’s Cannabis Primers Collection: Vol. 1. Both titles are available on


Australian cannabis experts and pioneers will also be presenting all weekend long covering topics including cannabis law, the environment and hemp engineering, medical cannabis, cannabis growing, pot politics and even psychedelics


A full Golden Bud Mardi Grass pass which includes the conference, festival and camping will run you about $150 AUS but it comes with the added bonus of being entered into a contest to also be a 2019 Cannabis Cup judge!


The one thing that each Mardi Grass participant must attend is of course the annual Nimbin Parade. Follow the big joint and the now infamous, Ganja Faeries. The Ganja Faeries celebrate the spirit or Mardis Grass by dancing behind the Bundjalung people who welcome protesters to their land each year.


This year I am just the jealous writer, but someday I will pack my fairy wings and my prettiest green dress and I will dance with the Ganja Faeries. I hope you do too….. And always remember to be POLITE!