Twelve High Chicks thanks guest contributor Mike on a Bike for this Lady Green review; Lady Green is a major sponsor of the Twelve High Chicks M.O.M. Cup 2018

Sweet, complete, and wrapped up neat, the treats came quickly through the mail. It may not be “politically correct” to say so, but Lady Green made me fall in love with her lovely, lovely lady buds.

Lady Green Review

I’ll say this: if you want discretion, you cannot go to any better M.O.M. than My delivery came not double-wrapped, not triple-wrapped, but it all came quadruple!-shrink-wrapped.

Hmm … I wonder if the weed is gonna be quads….

Before we get to the main course — the resin-thick Purple Kush — let’s check out the medibles.


First, two teas: a Peppermint and Jasmine Green, both with 40 THC and 3 CBD.

Morning Tea

As a morning tea drinker, I was all good. Hell yeah, let’s do this! Started off with the warm, infused Jasmine Green tea bag and let it sit for a good 10–20 minutes. Taste was superb, all jasmine with no knockout effect — just energy, energy to do more.

So I popped the next bag into my cup and 15 minutes later had a warm, soothing peppermint tea. So tasty. Made the morning go quickly and easily. Happy and alert with no lethargy at all.

Now, if I’m honest, I have never really gotten high from any cannabis drinks. At best a very mild sort of sativa-like undercurrent, but nothing like toking. Just never hit hard. But the mildness is an excellent feature for those who need to do things during the day, like work. If you like a good, happy sativa high you cannot go wrong with the teas…

…Or the drink mixes. On day two I started off with the Mix ‘N’ Go Mango.

Morning Mix ‘N’ Go

A sweet, powdered, cannabinoid drink mix like Kool-aid. They come in single-dose, child-proof bottles. Pour the powder into a glass, mix in 500ml of water, and you’re done.

Given I don’t really get too high from weed drinks, I wanted to give the Mango and Fruit Punch Mix ‘N; Gos a true test: no smoking, just taking the sweet stuff. Both were 28 grams of sugar and flavour — to make the medicine go down oh, so sweetly — with a THC count of 80 and CBD of 50. I like sugar!

On Mango Mix ‘N’ Go morning I woke to a recurring pain I have in my neck and back, the result of a life of many car accidents and head injuries. Cannabis is my number one go-to for pain. Typically when it starts it’s like a low-level pain grinding you down every second of the day. But not on Mango Mix ‘N’ Go morning!

A sweet, soothing revelation. Within a half-hour/forty-five minutes, the pain had vanished and elevated me into righteousness. It was like it never happened. Very, very good stuff: a perfect antidote to aches and pains in the body without knocking you out.

Next day, same thing in the morning and once again a Mix ‘N’ Go (Fruit Punch) to the rescue. The flavours of both are great and totally tasted like Mango and Fruit Punch.

Do you wake up feeling pain-y? Mix ‘N’ Go your way to productivity and happiness.

Flowers — Purple Kush

By now my grinder was getting real hungry for those sticky icky looking Purple Kush (PK) buds. And they were big buds, with no stems to care about, dense with resin. The aroma filling the room even without grinding. That quadruple-wrapped packing made excellent sense! The smell was pure kush, with a tiny spicy hint of the indica forebear of the strain. This bud was a crystal palace of cannabis, with trichome crystals everywhere throughout the multi-coloured purple and red (but mainly dank green) outside and inside.

Not only was the smoke sweet and spicy, with a mild kush vanilla flavor, it was so strong that a little was enough. The THC content seemed to be pretty high to go with the elevated CBD count found in PK. Three or four long puffs and the J could be put out until an hour or more later. Quads for sure: a single joint could last for hours of careful toking.

The high was immediate and intense. All aches or pains melted away while introspection moved into my mind. As much as I had wanted to work, I felt myself relaxing and wanting instead to just chat and browse online or go outside and ride my bike. Watching videos and reading were enhanced joys, my mind functioning at peak ability to understand everything without being zonked out. Purple Kush wins again!

Concentrate — Cotton Candy Shatter

Speaking of winning, or perhaps just a flawless victory: Flawless Concentrates Cotton Candy shatter. I saved the best for last!

Coming in a beautiful-but-secure, resealable envelope, the shatter was a dream taste and high made real. The lavender and berry candy undertones were still there in the shatter, making me want to pull in more from the rig. Smoother than it had any right to be, the Flawless Concentrates Cotton Candy shatter went down, well, flawlessly. The uninitiated may cough but this is so smooth, you don’t have to if you don’t take too much in a single draw.

It hits hard and fast with lovely relaxation and general happiness. Easily a good daytime shatter for regular users, or a calm, respectful strain for nighttime socializing. The infused Jasmine Green Tea and this shatter perfectly complement each other, both with fragrant flavours. Doing both together seems to bring me closer to Nirvana. I could drink the tea and smoke the shatter all day long … and then maybe pass out at, like, 7:00 pm.

The full gram of this beloved strain from is going to last me about a week. With so many mail-order marijuana shops to choose from, I cannot recommend a better source for your M.O.M. needs than Lady Green: she has all the lovely lady buds anyone needs, at great prices, and 100% reliable, high quality value.

Give them a try and you won’t be disappointed, just happy and high!