I was fortunate enough to attend Kush Cup 2015 and for me it was a double bonus. Not only was I able to sample a variety of fine cannabis, but I had the chance to meet the Trailer Park Boys. That’s something that’s been high on my bucket list for a few years now.

But before I get into that let’s get back to the cup.

I’ve been to a few of these cups, usually covering the event for www.pot.tv. I even spent time during the 2013 Kush Cup manning the Pot TV booth at the Health Expo. And I have to say that this seemed like a scaled down version of previous Kush Cups.

Day One

Kush Cup 2015 opened at Mega Ill Pizza and Mega Chill dispensary on Kingsway. Judges started to arrive around 1:00 pm to pick up their sample bags. The organizers were running late, though, and the bags were not ready. So people began to socialize on the sidewalk, in the vapour lounge, and in the pizzeria.

If you’ve never heard of Mega Ill Pizza, they serve infused pizza as well as non-infused. But you need to pick up the infused oil yourself from next door at the dispensary, so you’ll need a doctor’s note, dispensary card, or federal exemption.

Soon Mark Klokeid, the main organizer and founder of the KUSH Cup, showed up. It wasn’t long after that the judges’ bags began to get handed out.

Kush Cup 2015

An accident two weeks prior had left me with a third degree burn on my foot, so I wasn’t 100%. I decided to head home to check out this year’s goodie bag.

I dumped out my judge’s bag on my coffee table and began to separate the samples, check the judge’s ballot, and sort out all the free swag. No tee shirt this year, which for me was a blessing in disguise, but as a regular Kush Cup judge its lack stood out. There was an assortment of rolling papers, a disposable one-hitter from Crop King Seeds, as well as some free seeds, stickers, and a few other small advertising items. No custom pipes this year either.

But it was time to start smoking.

The samples were of good quality and most people seemed to get a full judge’s pack. At least, I didn’t hear too many complaints about missing samples. But I found the judge’s scorecard somewhat simple. And the samples we’re in small baggies, which I find rather amateur and very ’90s. With so many better ways to present and preserve buds already in use everyday, by so many dispensaries, this is a noticeable oversight.

Day Two

Saturday was the big day I was looking forward to. The day of the boat cruise around English Bay with none other than The Trailer Park Boys: Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles.

Kush Cup 2015 Cruise

This was the first time I ever had to be frisked and open my bag just to board a charter boat. And I’ve been on this particular vessel a number of times. We were told at the start of the cruise that inside on the lower level only dabbing and vaping were allowed. So the group made up of the Three Happy Cats and Twelve High Chicks, about eight of us, found seats and began to dab some of the budder samples. But soon we were told “no consumption of any cannabis on the inside lower deck.” We had to all go topside in the wind to continue judging our samples — not all that fun or practical.

But before long the Trailer Park Boys boarded and the cruise was under way.

Kush Cup 2015

It was a good setting and everyone got some time to talk with the boys and get a photo. Really nice guys they are. They camped out near the bar for most of the cruise, drinking beers. And they may have even helped judge a sample or two, but I’m writing this from memory. Enough said.

I got them to do a promo for The 420 Lifestyle Show and had a good talk with Rob Wells who plays Ricky. I also spoke with Mike Smith, better known as Bubbles, and yes, it’s true, he “can’t see shit” with those glasses on. His words, not mine.

A two hour cruise goes by fast and soon we were headed in. Then there was a second cruise scheduled for those that couldn’t get on the first one. There was room if I had wanted to go out again, but as I mentioned I had a bad burn. It was slowing me down and the painkillers didn’t add much giddy-up to my step, either.

Kush Cup 2015 Concert

That night there was a concert hosted by the TPB but I couldn’t make it. However, I got the same report from more than one cup judge who did.

There were some problems with people being searched going in, and being told they couldn’t be carrying their weed. In one case a medical user was denied entry to the event. It’s sad but that seems to be a major problem facing cup promoters today: finding venues where the judges can smoke inside with comfortable amenities close by.

And, in the end, I learned that the scheduled band didn’t play, it was a replacement band. Also the Trailer Park Boys just came out, said “high” and goodnight, and left.

Day Three

The final day’s party consisted of a 36+ grams of budder hotbox of Mega Chill dispensary and lounge. And of course the handing out of the awards. Sadly I missed this event as well, damn burns.

Kush Cup 2015

Congrats to the Three Happy Cats for taking home a Kush Cup 2015 award for budder. And thanks to Mark Klokeid for helping me check one more thing off my bucket list: getting to hang out with the Trailer Park Boys.