In 2015 I wrote about the Kush Cup and the boat cruise with the Trailer Park Boys. This year I had plans to attend other events that weekend, so I was surprised when our editor asked me to write about the 2016 Kush Cup. But surprise quickly faded to a grin when she explained she only wanted me to write about judging Kush Cup 2016 weed. This was something I could do.

The Kit

My judge’s kit consisted of ten individual grams of weed: five indica strains and five sativa. Five baggies were labelled A–E and the other five had artwork on them — skulls, spades, stars, the Playboy logo, and pot leaves.

As far as which was indica or sativa, that was up to me to guess. Upon visual inspection I came to the conclusion that the lettered samples were the sativa samples. They were all lighter-coloured and less dense compared to the tighter, darker nugs in the artwork packs.

There were also some edible samples, and a gram of afgoo shatter from Phyto Extractions. But I won’t get into that other than to say I love the packaging.


As I tend to prefer good indicas normally, I thought I’d start with the suspected sativas and see how they would help with an afternoon pick-me-up.

For judging Kush Cup 2016 samples, I figured it would be fitting to use my 2013 Kush Cup judge’s kit pipe, made by none other than Redbeard himself.

To keep things simple, I have given each sample one of four ratings:

  • Meh
  • Moving on
  • Not bad
  • That’s good weed!


I decided to start with sample “B” because it seemed to have a good smattering of crystals. The sample was made up of small bits of nugs. So were the rest of the lettered samples, other than “A” that had two small tight nugs in it.

Not what I was hoping for, I gave “B” a “Moving on.”

I next tried sample “C” and enjoyed it very much. It was nice and clean, with good taste and a noticeable high. It earned a “That’s good weed!”

Samples “D” and “E” both got a “Meh.” Finishing up the sativas “A” received a “Not bad.”

As far as the letter samples were concerned it was no contest. Sample “C” got my nod as the winner here.


Next it was time to move on to the indica samples, in the baggies marked with artwork.

This batch of samples were a good representation of Kush weed, judging by the smell and look of what was offered. As I smoked my way through the offerings, I knew I was right.

I judged the samples as so:

Skulls bag – “That’s good weed!”

Pot leaf bag – “Meh.”

Playboy bunny bag – “Not bad.”

Stars bag – “That’s good weed!”

Spades bag – “Moving on.”

While in the Sativas category “C” was the clear winner, in the Indicas it was close but I gave the nod to the Skulls bag.


On to the actual cup winners. In Sativas, first place was Surfers OG from PCMG Co-op, and in the Indicas it was Bubba Kush from Twelve High Chicks! But the real winners are the people who get to enjoy all this fine smoke.

Now excuse me, I have a pipe to clean.