In Canada, M.O.M.s operate in a grey zone as access to both medical and recreational cannabis while we wait for legalization. But Canada isn’t the only country making moves to legalize medical marijuana or decriminalize or legalize recreational weed. So the Twelve High Chicks M.O.M. Cup is bringing international guests: activist and advocate speakers and entertainers.

From Australia

Michael Balderstone

Interviewing Michael Balderston

Michael Balderstone

The president of the Australian HEMP Party didn’t arrive in Nimbin, NSW in the 1980s looking to be a pot activist, but that’s what Michael Balderstone became. Pot-dealers visiting his secondhand store (which later became the Nimbin Museum before burning down in 2014) taught him about prohibition.

But he started in anti-prohibition politics while managing the state election campaign of Bob Hopkins, who also founded the Nimbin Hemp Embassy and Nimbin MardiGrass — organizations Balderstone is now intimately tied to.

The Hemp Embassy is a place to educate about cannabis, and to represent cannabis users. The Australian HEMP Party gives cannabis users a voice and gives consumers that are isolated on the island the knowledge they’re not alone. MardiGrass, heading into their 25th year, is intended to protest bad laws, educate on the uses of marijuana, and celebrate Nimbin’s unique culture.

Essie Thomas

M.O.M. Cup International Guests Essie Thomas

Essie Thomas ( Thomas)

“Folk” might be the right category but it doesn’t begin to describe the music of Essie Thomas. Her songs mix bluesy riffs with sometimes upbeat, sometimes haunting melodies about love and life. And regardless of tempo her husky-sweet voice and acoustic licks will start heads nodding and toes tapping.

Essie has been performing solo since her preteens — as she’ll be performing at the Twelve High Chicks M.O.M. Cup. But in 2015 a multi-genre group formed the Essie Thomas Ensemble. They’ve been touring the Australian East Coast supporting “Hearts on the Table”.

“Essie Thomas leaves you with an appetite for more, whether solo or as a band, her stage presence alone will leave you hungry and ready for another taste of what Essie has to offer” —

From the USA

Adela Falk

M.O.M. Cup International guests Adela Falk

Adela Falk

“No one belongs in jail for a plant.” Adela Falk, through POW420, is working hard for that goal. Not only to end prohibition and jail sentences for marijuana but also to keep pot prisoners connected to their community. And keep our community connected to those of us behind bars.

Adela is a medical marijuana patient that first got involved in overturning anti-cannabis laws, educating the public, and lobbying for safe medical access. And then, she discovered that there are people in the USA that are serving life sentences for pot. Her focus shifted from access to justice and compassion.

Adela sits in on court cases, speaks at rallies, and writes for a variety of cannabis publications. As well as POW420, Adela is the first Weed Woman USA. It’s a role she enjoys, a lighter form of anti-prohibition advocacy. “Weed Woman allows me to be a canna-hero warrior and have some fun with it.” And as the POW420 Prison Outreach Coordinator, she’ll be looking for your signatures and card signing to support pot-POWs at the M.O.M. Cup!

Coral Reefer

M.O.M. Cup International guests Coral Reefer

Coral Reefer

Glass artist, blogger, YouTuber, and cannabis advocate — California’s Coral Reefer works hard to entertain and edify. Rather than just posting plain marijuana information or pointlessly fun videos, she combines the two in her various shows. And she’s not afraid to admit when she doesn’t have an answer.

Coral is outgoing and cheerful, fun to watch and hear, and has built her own internet-wide cannabis community around the world. Her fans, the World Reefers, get high and tune in to YouTube each week for Stoney Sunday. The show is typically half an hour long and usually features Coral hitting her bong and answering questions from the comfort of her couch.

She also posts on News Nug social media throughout the week. The links are important cannabis information as she finds it — from politics to science. Coral then posts a short (under ten minutes) video at the end of the week focusing on the most popular post(s) in plain language … after a bong hit!