It’s not always easy working in the marijuana industry. We tend to have a large, outspoken crew of coworkers who come from different cities, economic statuses, and lifestyles. And I say this with love, but sometimes we butt heads because all of us have strong personalities. The solution? Team building days. Nothing official, but this specific crew wanted to reconnect.

We don’t do team building days like a typical company; instead, we figured out how to pull up our socks to get needed work done so we could head out to the beach the next day. And not just to any beach but the world-famous, clothing-optional Wreck Beach — because that is the kind of people we are (or may become, depending on the staff member).

Adults enjoy field trips too. Especially to the beach.

Adults enjoy field trips too. Especially to the beach.

Teams have a lot of different positions but we need to be on the same page; God knows the pot community already has a tonne of issues with getting along so it’s important to take care of our closest relationships. Why not do it by removing the barriers that separate so many of us: our clothing?

We finished off the morning’s necessary tasks and headed off to the beach.  Strongbow and pre-rolls in hand — Three Happy Cats had filled all of our grinders with a particularly nice batch of Grape God — we found a great spot in the middle of the beach and set up camp.

It felt like it was day a million of this May heat wave so we were pleased to see the Boozy Freezie guy come our way pretty quickly before police could show up to keep our drinks hidden and joints down low. The RCMP are open to the Wreck mood (read: party atmosphere) as long as we are respectful of the fact that intoxicants on a public beach are actually against the law. Fair trade: I have a great Dixie Delight beer koozie anyway.

If you have never been to Wreck beach, let me explain how special of a place it is: when you remove people’s clothing, in a safe place, it bands them together. All of the pretences of the world are left behind at the top of those 473 stairs and we can truly see one another. Surrounded by ocean and trees there is no work, cell phone reception is dulled, and we relax.

What's better than the beach? Being stoned and naked there.

What’s better than the beach? Being stoned and naked there.

It showed in our crew: smoking joint after joint, we laughed and shook off our stresses.

What also made this beach trip extra special was having a photographer friend and her camera back with us. A couple years back we met while both attending the Vancouver Photo Workshop: she as photographer, and I as nude model. We really hit it off and have been shooting together since — I was happy to introduce her to the boss last fall for the first ever Twelve High Chicks photoshoot. But she’d been travelling for half a year so it had been awhile since being in front of her lens.

Because I can.

Because I can.

We were able to talk about a few shoots we would like to do next for Twelve High Chicks, and maybe some for just us. She was happy to capture some candid and some not-so-candid shots of our crew. I wore my beloved Kitten Puff ears, because I could, and we had a lot of fun! Nothing like being stoned and running around a beach finding safe and interesting corners to shoot in.

We absorbed some vitamin D and relaxed. There’s something about hitting up the beach vendors for clothes, sharing nibbles, and getting giggly together that is so good for the spirit and company morale. Not everyone was able to escape the office to join us (or maybe too much naked for their liking) but good moods are infectious, and I think our lift gave everyone else a bit more of a bounce in their step too.

And that can only be good for business.