Over the last decade I have seen a lot of glass “toking gear” bongs, pipes, joint holders, you name it! But there has been just a few “styles”  that have stuck out in the crowd.  Red Beard’s art is definitely one of them!

Red beard has been hosting the Great Canadian Glass gathering for over a decade, and yet this will be my first time attending the GCGG!  Which is July 5 to 7th, 2019 in Birken, BC. I wasn’t sure what to expect. So I figured I would go straight to the source. I tracked down Red Beard and asked him a few questions!

MM: Patrick, you are well known as a glass artist, how long have you been blowing glass for?

Red: I started in 1998! My good friend Sebo taught me the basics after Grateful Dead tour.

MM: How did you get the famous name of “red beard”?

Red: I was quitting my day job, and making a go of the glass, and needed a name. My red Face-Carpet didn’t match my Face-Drapes, so I went with Redbeard!

MM: How did the great Canadian glass gathering start ?

Red: I was renting a sweet property in Birken that had an amphitheater and stage, and I wanted to show some of my ‘city-slicker’ friends the fresh mountain scenery. It was a humble start, with a handful of us blowing glass together that first year.

MM: Has legalization affected having this gathering ?

Red: I think legalization has affected us most, in the ‘Transfer of Wealth’ that has taken place. The ‘black market’ consisted of Mom and Pop growers, spending their stacks of cash, which trickled down to glassblowers and other artisans in our community. With Legalization, that money is going to Corporate pockets instead, and they are not spreading that money throughout the community as it used to.

MM: Who are some of artists coming this year ?

Red: We have a stacked demo line up this year! Our feature guests, from the USA are Marcel Braun, Lewis Wilson, and Tammy Baller! Also stoked to have Canadian all stars Korey Cotnam, Fluid Motion, Vagabond, Gibson, Brandon Kainz, and many many more (about 40 demo’ing artists)

MM: This year you can become a member of the GCGG! How do you become a member ?

Red: For tax purposes, we are set up as a non-profit society. One can become a member at gcgg.ca

MM: And what are the perks?

Red: Besides knowing that you are supporting an amazing event and society, we do offer a gift of a cannabis connoisseur kit, to be judged and voted on.

MM: I noticed that you are hash tagging “we are in this together” for the 2019 GCGG, can you tell me more about what that means?

Red: Our theme this year is #weareallinthistogethereh . Showcasing and highlighting the importance of community and togetherness. By sharing our knowledge, we lift each other up. We are all unique, We are all different, We Are All In This Together, Eh.

MM: What is unique about this years GCGG ?

Red: This year we have 2 live bands, a Reggae DJ, some buskers, and a stand up comedian. Each artist has a glass display and table to show off their work, This year we have a new Demonstration Station, where all demos will take place (and be recorded for upload to internet)

MM: Do you expect to do this event again next year ?

Red: We’ll see!!! I have considered moving the event to a larger venue, perhaps closer to the city, but I fear we would lose the charm of our small intimate glassroots event.

After having my chat with Red Beard, and obtaining a membership. My GCGG perks arrived in the mail, one day early! A beautiful bright red kit containing dabs, weed, edibles, and topicals, and swag to judge/try!

Let me tell you the edibles were absolutely hilarious to judge! I was so stoned!! It’s absolutely worth it to get a kit, you have until the 7th to get your vote in!

Membership/tickets available at https://gccc.ca

See you in Birken BC