Remember M.O.M. Cup 2017? With M.O.M. Cup 2018 just a week away, we thought it would be a great time to remind our readers of what they can look forward to!

2017 M.O.M. Cup

From February 24th to 26th, 2017, the M.O.M. Cup hosted over 200 people in one haze-filled building. Between the judges’ samples, the open Canadabs dab bar, and the schedule, the three days flew by. It was a whirlwind weed weekend!

Friday Night — Speak, Meet n Greet

Doors opened at 3:30 pm (and set up started much earlier!) before Twelve High Chicks’ owner/publisher Mae Moon opened the 2017 M.O.M. Cup at 4:15. Just in time for 420!

The cup’s first speaker was POW420‘s Adela Falk. Then the Australian HEMP Party‘s Mz Guidance introduced the weekend’s first panel: Dana Larsen, Michael Balderstone, and POW420’s Dennis Boisvert. 

After intermission, Mae Moon introduced the Chicks models. Unfortunately Corey, the Spirituality and Pot Chick’s model was not able to make it at the last minute. So we were entertained by eleven High Chicks who handed out goodies to the audience in exchange for fun marijuana facts.

After the Chicks, our own Tracy Curley spoke before turning over the mic to MUMM‘s Debbie Stultz-Giffin. Then Mz Guidance spoke on the pot culture of Nimbin, Australia. Cannabis lawyer Robert Laurie followed, with a more legal POV about advocacy. Friday’s speakers finished with another Twelve High Chicks writer, Tamarijuana.

Screening videos of Three Happy Cats visiting Australia, and of Nimbin itself, rounded out the evening, before Mae Moon wished us goodnight.

2017 M.O.M. Cup Friday

Top L-R: Judge’s Kit, Mae Moon, First Panel, Meet the Chicks. Bottom L-R: Tracy Curley, Debbie Stultz-Giffin, Robert Laurie, Tamarijuana. (Photography courtesy of EDI – Easterbrook Digital Imaging.)

Saturday Day — Panels and Speakers

The day started with doors at 11:00 am before Mae Moon spoke at 11:30. And then Australian HEMP Party President Michael Balderstone took the stage. The Vancouver Seed Bank‘s Rebecca Ambrose rounded out the early speakers. 

Coral Reefer hosted her #WorldReefers meetup at 1:00 pm. And her fans enjoyed general admission to the cup with their meetup wristbands.

A very interesting demonstration followed: a demo on how Smiling Buddah cannagars — marijuana cigars — are made.

Then the second panel of the weekend with Weed Woman USA Adela Falk, Mz Guidance, and Weed Woman Canada Tracy Curley.

In the afternoon,‘s Mark Klodeid took the stage before Skunk Funk Smoker’s Emporium‘s Jeff Lundstrom spoke. And we haven’t yet mentioned on our site that the 2017 M.O.M. Cup also had the Great Canadian Glass Gathering‘s Redbeard come to speak, and Neil Magnuson kept the speakers coming.

Then Twelve High Chicks journalist and advocate Jade Ridge addressed the audience. Followed by educator and advocate Jamie Shaw taking to the stage.

And the weekend’s final speaker was Overgrow Canada‘s Dana Larsen.

2017 M.O.M. Cup Saturday

Top L-R: Coral Reefer, Rebecca Ambrose, Cannagar Demo, Second Panel, Mark Klokeid, Jeff Lundstrom. Bottom L-R: Redbeard, Jade Ridge, Neil Magnuson, Jamie Shaw, Dana Larsen. (Photographs of Coral Reefer and Rebecca Ambrose courtesy of Opus 420, all others courtesy of EDI – Easterbrook Digital Imaging.)

Saturday Night — Art and Entertainment

The M.O.M. Cup 2017 Saturday night entertainment was different than what some out of town cup-goers might be used to. 

After the post-speakers dinner break, doors opened again at 7:00. Then Australian singer-songstress Essie Thomas took to the stage to perform an amazing set of original work from current and past albums. There will be a lot of mention of Essie Thomas in articles about the M.O.M. Cup, and for good reason. 

There was a short intermission after the show’s hostess, Symone Says, came out to chat with Essie Thomas and the audience. Then, more performances!

Pot-themed burlesque by the cyborg-wannabe Roe Butts kicked off the night of Vancouver entertainers. Craig X from Expert Joints volunteered to assist Vivianne Oblivion‘s sword-swallowing routine. More burlesque followed with Riannaconda, again pot-themed.

Then a joint-rolling contest between three audience volunteers. The clear winner received swag but the losers still got to keep their rolled joints.

Kitten Puff, the Pot & Parenting Chick personified, read us a story: Green Buds and Hash. Part way through Dana Larsen got up on stage, and they finished his story together. And during intermission Rasta Mike took the stage.

Symone Says is not just a drag queen hostess, she’s a drag queen performer: she brought the show back after intermission. Then robot-themed burlesque from Roe Butts. Vivianne Oblivian came back on stage with a fire show. Symone Says gave away more swag to the crowd with M.O.M. Cup-related questions. And Riannaconda returned with more pot-related burlesque.

Saturday’s final performance was part burlesque, part performance art, part wall art, and ninety-percent nude: Brent Ray Fraser painted an original work with his penis (NSFW).

2017 M.O.M. Cup Saturday night

Top L-R: Essie Thomas, Roe Butts, Vivianne Oblivion, Riannaconda, Kitten Puff & Dana Larsen, Rasta Mike. Bottom L-R: Symone Says, Roe Butts, Vivianne Oblivion, Riannaconda, Brent Ray Fraser. (Photography of Essie Thomas, Kitten Puff and Dana Larsen, Vivianne Oblivion fire performance, and Brent Ray Fraser courtesy of EDI – Digital Imaging. All other photography courtesy of S.Jade Creatives.)

Sunday — Catering, Comedy, and Cups!

The last day of the 2017 M.O.M. Cup started at 3:00 pm. Once the doors were open, the vote-counting team started collecting ballots. 420 was observed before dinner service was opened, after a short caterers’ delay. 

At 7:00 pm, the laughs began. Comedians James Hammond and Tyler Brody Stein warmed the crowd for stoner stand-up Mike Rita.

Then, Twelve High Chicks writer and cannabis stalwart Opus 420 was roasted by Tracy Curley and Mae Moon, Jeff Lundstrom, Neil Magnuson, and Mike Rita before opening comments to the crowd. Opus spoke himself to end the roast.

A short intermission, final giveaways and 50/50 draw, and then the awards ceremony was held and the 2017 M.O.M. Cups were presented to the winners. The silent auction completed the evening. And then Mae Moon closed out the Twelve High Chicks 2017 M.O.M. Cup! Thank you, speakers, performers, and models for making this a truly amazing, whirlwind weed weekend!

2017 M.O.M. Cup Sunday

Top L-R: Dinner, James Hammond, Tyler Brody Stein, Mike Rita, Jeff Lundstrum roasts Opus 420. Bottom L-R: Opus reacts, Mike Rita roasts Opus, Opus speaks, cups and Chicks. (Photographs of Mike Rita, Opus 420 sitting, and the cups courtesy of EDI – Easterbrook Digital Imaging. All other photography courtesy of S.Jade Creatives.)