Twelve High Chicks thanks guest contributor Chris Visser for this article on using CBD for anxiety. 

A long time back now, I wrote an article about tackling some of my health issues with cannabis instead of pharmaceuticals. Cannabis helped mostly with arthritis and pain caused by a hormone disorder. And it helped with daily stress, which mostly kept down my anxiety. But it could also sometimes make my anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD symptoms worse.

These days, it’s still one of the best treatments for my arthritis and also helps manage a more recently diagnosed stomach issue, while my hormone disorder is managed by other necessary meds that cannabis can’t replace. Unfortunately, even the best management can’t prevent mental health needs from changing, and I’m temporarily back on pills for anxiety and PTSD again.

Could CBD Be Better?

But because I’m on meds, I have time to research cannabis options. One of the big problems for me is having to wait until after work to medicate. It’s easy to write high, but have you ever edited under the influence? I want to bring my A-game, so I can’t be stoned during the day. I’m achy and stressed by the time I finish. And it then takes a while for medical cannabis to help.

So I started looking into “not too stoned” cannabis strains that would still help arthritis and stress. Which led me to low-THC strains. And of course that brought CBD to mind. And then I got an email from Chris Visser at Cannabidiol Life asking to share information with our readers about CBD for anxiety….

CBD for Anxiety Relief

The term anxiety is generally used to refer to disorders that cause fear, worry, apprehension, and nervousness. Anxiety affects how the sufferer behaves and feels, and it can manifest itself in physical symptoms.

Although anxiety is generally not desirable, it’s basically a critical adaptive response that is aimed at enabling a person to cope with threats to their welfare or safety. This response enables a person to recognize potential threats and avert them while motivating them to take action. However, this natural response becomes maladaptive and it affects relationships, quality of life, and work when it’s not managed. Although there are drugs for anxiety, some patients do not respond to them favourably.

That’s why they turn to alternative treatments like CBD.

CBD For Anxiety Is Creating a Worldwide Buzz

Recently, CBD has caused quite a stir after the revelation that it shows potential health benefits for anxiety. Researchers funded by the University of Birmingham established that CBD shows potential health benefits for anxiety and PTSD disorders. The researchers conducted an animal study in which they injected 10 mg of CBD into fear-conditioned rats. The results of this study revealed that CBD shows the potential to reduce the freezing behavior in the fear-conditioned rats.

Therefore, researchers established that CBD shows the potential to inhibit fear expression acutely and produce longer lasting fear reductions.

Another study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology used neuroimaging on ten people with social anxiety disorder (SAD). The patients took CBD and researchers focused on identifying the brain parts that it affects. The study established that CBD shows the potential to significantly decrease subjective anxiety.

Through neuroimaging, the researchers established that CBD showed the potential to affect “activity in limbic and paralimbic brain areas.” The limbic system plays a very significant role in emotional life as well as memory formation.

Final Thoughts

Currently, there are about 60 million people that suffer from anxiety in North America and Europe. Prescription medications that include antidepressants are the standard treatment for this condition. Unfortunately, they can worsen the symptoms of anxiety in patients. However, CBD has emerged as a cannabinoid that shows potential health benefits for this condition. That’s because CBD has shown potential anti-anxiety, or anxiolytic, properties.

Evidence from human and animal studies has also provided insights into the potential activity of CBD in the brain. Considering the huge financial and social costs of treating anxiety, many patients are turning to CBD. In fact, many people are already using CBD products or considering taking a dietary supplement of CBD for anxiety.

Christopher Visser – Founder of Cannabidiol Life

Christopher is a web-designer and online socialite with an incredible interest in learning everything there is to know about all the different organically grown herbs and plants that offer specific healing characteristics. In October of 2016, this passion led Chris to stumbling upon cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD is a controversial topic due to the fact that much is not known, which is exactly why Chris created Cannabidiol Life. A true “one-stop-learn” CBD education outlet with over 80 articles on the potential health benefits of CBD, along with CBD product guides that comprehensively explain the products being sold online, how they’re made, and how to properly take/use it.  

“CBD is an organic phenomenon that could potentially change the world and the way we heal each other.
“Let’s get back to our roots, literally!” – Christopher Visser