Thumbnail of LillieHey there, it’s Lillie, here to rep the fun side of activism: the steps forward in cannabis access that M.O.M.s provide!

The last few years of cannabis in Canada have seen the efforts of activists paying off massively. We’re still waiting for legalization, but the recommendations for it came through on schedule. While they may not be what we end up with, the Liberal government seems to be following through with this campaign promise. That our government would admit the damage prohibition does to society is a huge win for activism.

Another huge win is the availability of marijuana in Canada for people who don’t have (or don’t want) a medical license. I’m on the side of continuing to push for cannabis access so I was all for trying out a few new sources from my usual.

We’ve already compared M.O.M.s to each other, and tried joining a new LP in search for cannabis access. We’re in Vancouver so this time I’m reviewing a dispensary and a M.O.M.. And since they’re both sponsoring the Twelve High Chicks M.O.M. Cup, I chose Eggs Canna as my storefront and Lady Green online.

Eggs Canna

Eggs Canna sponsor

The best part of storefront dispensaries for anyone that can access them — and there are dispensaries opening all over the country — is their convenience. I found the closest Eggs Canna to me on their website (I also verified I had the medical information necessary to join), grabbed my bus, and walked into the shop ready to go.

The environment reminded me of a futuristic apothecary. Or a high end boutique. White walls, white shelves, minimal clutter, jars of plants in glass cabinets. But not a clutter of jars; there were fewer fresh options than I expected.

The black ATM (it’s cash-only) and cannabis vending machine stand out a bit. The vending machine isn’t as convenient as it could be. It’s not possible to just walk in the door and hit it up, you show staff your membership ID first.

It didn’t take long. Including transit time there, it only took 45 minutes to have medical marijuana in hand. After a few more errands I headed home to test my wares.

Lavender Haze

cannabis access Eggs Canna Lavender Haze bag

Eggs Canna Lavender Haze

My first pick was from a jar: Lavender Haze at $11/gram. Large, slightly purplish buds let off a pungent, slightly sweet floral scent. Moisture balance was good: it ground evenly without crumbling, and rolled smoothly without clumping.

The 60/40 hybrid (20% THC) definitely had expected effects from both sativa and indica. I didn’t feel it while smoking but once I moved away I noticed my stone. The pot was really energizing, as expected. It made my brain spark more than I expected. But while I was thinking heavily, it was also numbing physical aches. The arthritic pain I felt while prepping was gone while I took notes.

The stone itself lasted as long as it usually does for me, or maybe a little longer. The relaxing physical effects eventually got to me and I ended up chilling on the couch just grooving on the weird thoughts and enjoying no pain. I smoked my usual evening strain and fell asleep with no problems.

Tasting notes:

Smokes clean. Like, no chemical extras and no dust. Emptied lungs, no cough. Still leaves taste of having smoked without an actual aftertaste. “Depth” is the best description. Or “cheesey” maybe. Three-quarters of the way through finally sharp in throat.


cannabis access Eggs Canna Congo

Eggs Canna Congo

From the vending machine: Congo at $8/gram. It had small buds, already crumbly in the little vending bag. It was noticeably dry. Which should be expected since it was prepackaged and not sitting in a moisture-regulated environment.

At 75% sativa, I did expect brain sparking. It wasn’t as strong as the Lavender Haze, but it was totally worth it for “the relax and delicious foods” that I expressed in my notes. And dinner within an hour of smoking was the best decision — the food was pretty normal that night but it was ridiculously enjoyable.

All together a fantastic introduction to storefronts. Quick cannabis access that was quite affordable. And the bud freshness was varied though still enjoyably effective. It didn’t take very long to sign up or shop, although it did require being in the right city to be convenient. And I was mentally and physically able to travel to the storefront which for some isn’t possible.

Tasting notes:

Tasty in and out. Really light. Cannabis flavour without any particular strong notes. Exhale is still light. No aftertaste. But dry. Coughing a lot. Like, a lot. It tastes of burning half way.

Lady Green

Lady Green M.O.M. Cup sponsor

Lady Green’s website is also very clean and streamlined. And very clear to new visitors: you cannot access the menus without joining, just like at the dispensary. The info is easy to fill out, but membership isn’t instant, it can take time to get access. Once I had my login I was ready to shop.

I would prefer more information with each products, but shopping online means google is there to give answers. I liked the detailed photographs complete with magnified view. And the product titles aren’t exactly confusing.

Like at Eggs Canna there were options other than flowers. But Lady Green is a holistic site for wellness, not a medical dispensary. They concentrate on whole body wellness and happiness. So they have bath bombs and lip balms rather than Egg Canna’s tinctures and pen oil. (They’re currently sold out of edibles but I plan to try the medicated cake pops when they’re back in stock!)

Organic Purple Kush

cannabis access Lady Green Organic Purple Kush

Organic Purple Kush — still in pretty good condition after vacuum-sealing.

If you have the option to go organic at the same price, why not? Organic Purple Kush at $9/gram. It was slightly squished from vacuum sealing (double vacuum-sealed will condense) but not crushed nor crumbly. Hairy and dense, not dry nor sticky.  It had a mild, slightly fruity scent. Ground well, rolled nicely.

It started to affect me before I finished smoking.  I didn’t finish the joint but only left a roach. I didn’t want to think at all, but I had a lovely relaxing evening playing video games.

Tasting notes:

Still fruity. Purple. I keep thinking it tastes of purple. It’s sitting heavy in my chest but it’s not dry at all. Slight perfume. But in a good way, floral but exotic. Finally coughing, but from chest, not throat. It’s sticking, not irritating.

Pink Lemonade

cannabis access Lady Green Pink Lemonade

Lady Green Pink Lemonade — so good I preferred smoking to writing.

The Pink Lemonade at $8/gram was a sativa-dominant that acted like one. It smelled amazing: citrus brightness and something slightly earthy. The bud was solid, and nicely coated, although still compressed. And look, for a no-smell guarantee I’ll take a little flattened. It was dryer than the OPK but it left crystals on my fingertips. It rolled beautifully. 

I felt it before I finished smoking again. It hit hard and I enjoyed every second of it. I took no notes of the time I was high, except to jot down that my stone lasted as long as I could hope.

Tasting notes:

Nice quality, burns well. No cough at all, really. Tasty, and smooth. Almost refreshing even while burning. It deserves the citrus name, both from its scent and its clean feeling in your mouth and lungs.

Cannabis Access

Although it took only minutes and no effort on my part to have medical marijuana delivered straight to my door (the package was too large to fit in my apartment mailbox) it still took days to deliver.

If Amazon has taught us anything it’s that it is much easier to shop online. Easier, but not faster. There’s processing and shipping time … and there’s the post office to consider. Because you’re going to need to pay for shipping. And Canada Post is expensive if you want your marijuana delivered: $20 flat rate is standard (I checked, and shipping to Toronto and shipping to Vancouver was the same price) for a parcel that’s not going to be confiscated. So ordering more at a time makes sense, and they’ll arrange large orders too.

So in terms of cannabis access, dispensaries and M.O.M.s each have benefits and downsides. But the product they deliver is comparable, and the prices are similar. If your city doesn’t yet have dispensaries, M.O.M.s are a great alternative for convenient access. If your in a hurry and have one nearby, dispensaries are a great option for quick access. Either way, activism has created opportunities for cannabis access far beyond choosing between the ACMPR and the neighbourhood dealer.

And now, I’m going to smoke the rest of my Lady Green Pink Lemonade.