I’m an online, behind the scenes kinda guy. I’m of no use in real life event planning or management, and I’d rather type than speak. So although leading up to each M.O.M. Cup I bust my tail, during the actual weekend I’m just one more media rep. It works out well, since I can experience what judges actually experience. And attending M.O.M. Cup 2018 was an experience.

Friday Night Fizzle

To start off, I live in East Vancouver. Although I love it most of the time, I’m also transit-reliant anywhere outside my neighbourhood. But Vancouver’s transit system can be unreliable in bad weather. And the first night of M.O.M. Cup 2018 had bad weather for us: a snowfall that started in the early morning on Friday, February 23rd and continued into the early Saturday hours. Snowed in by 10 cm.

The silver lining to missing the first night of the cup, though, was cruising through Facebook and seeing a friend live-commenting — and they weren’t there either, so what were they seeing? I messaged them, asking what feed they were watching, and got permission to share.

That’s how we ended up with footage of the amazing Adult Entertainment Night on Facebook and the website. And how I got to watch Brent Ray Fraser’s XXXplosions for a second time — attending M.O.M. Cup 2018 online.

A Social Saturday Night

The thing about Vancouver’s bad weather though, is if it’s not rain it doesn’t last. Saturday stayed dry, the street and sidewalk snow melted clear, and the buses ran! Still wasn’t able to head out until doors had already opened, but I was finally on my way to the Cup.

Made it to the event with time to spare before dinner was served. But I encountered another snag: got there too late to grab a kit. Of course, with the free-flowing samples that wasn’t gonna stop the party!

The venue, a ballroom and banquet hall, was absolutely amazing. Much larger than the main room last year, it also had a bigger stage, higher ceilings … and more echoing. Unfortunately, that made it difficult to understand some of the speakers from some areas.

But in the toking area — huge outdoor heated tents filled with seating and which also housed the dab bars — they were piping in the panels so it was easy to hear. I smoked my first joint and caught up on the goings on before heading in to eat. It was eclectic and delicious fare; I had to hold myself back from licking Greek salad dressing off my plate.

Attending M.O.M. Cup 2018 on Saturday for me was a lot more about socializing than following the schedule. Which is odd, because I’m not a very social person and I dug Saturday’s comedy theme. But we hit the dab bar a couple of times and had a few (okay, many) drinks … and then I was chatting with friends new and old, people watching, and wandering the venue.

But each time I remembered myself enough to watch the stage I got the giggles I was there for. And I was so excited for James Hammond’s set; I love stand-up. Especially stoner stand-up when that high. Unfortunately, I got involved in the edibles competition later in the evening and now cannot remember a single joke to retell.

A Little M.O.M. Cup Magic

I was looking for two things from the vendors while attending M.O.M. Cup 2018: a dabber and a carb cap. And I was looking for something a little bit special. I’d been gifted a small dab rig that I was really into, so new glass needed to feel like it belonged.

I looked over the large tables, but their large pieces were drawing crowds and I didn’t want to be in the way while scouring for my little things. Moving on … and I found the perfect carb cap for myself. Any one of five, actually.

At a round table in the back of the room I spied carb caps shaped just like the cups made for M.O.M. Cup. How neat! I adore the artistry, skill, and imagination that went into reproducing those feminine forms in glass. Like delicate modern versions of ancient fertility symbols. I bought one (got to choose it myself; it looks like a gummy bear with a booty from the right angle) and a glass dabber for an acceptable price.

attending M.O.M. Cup 2018 carb capFrom glass bare body to gummy bear with booty!

I only realized I didn’t know anything about the glassblower once I was showing off my prize. So I wandered back over to ask the table. Only then did my dab-hazed mind clue in that the glassblower that made my carb cap of course also made all the cups I’d loved so much … and who coincidentally also made my rig. Thank you, Leash Glass! I can only hope my clumsiness avoids destroying my carb cap for as long as possible.

Sunday Night Showtime

As was now a pattern, Sunday’s appetizers were gone and a delicious curry dinner was being prepared by the time I arrived. But the food wasn’t why I was there. First a couple dabs and some time in the toking lounge, next snagged some drinks, then grabbed a seat at the table near the stage.

It was time for Essie Thomas to perform. And I happily sat in silence for most of her set. Ajia met Essie on one of her trips to Australia, and for both M.O.M. Cups Essie has come to Vancouver. An amazingly talented songwriter and powerful musician, her performance is one of the best birthday gifts Ajia shared with all of us.

Had more dabs before watching Precious Chong’s stand-up. With jokes about not being a stoner, interactions with her dad, and a particularly timely, chringingly hilarious tale of an asshole movie producer that didn’t get his way for once, it wasn’t your typical stoner comedy. More unexpected comedy came directly next with hilarious auctioneering by Redbeard. The generosity of the people in that room — that bid, that outbid themselves, that won — it floored everyone involved in the Cup and Twelve High Chicks.

And then the awards were underway, later than expected. I don’t know enough about growing, processing, or extracting cannabis to opine on the winners. What I do know is that I had a bus home to catch and couldn’t stay to the end of the event. So, instead of speaking onstage when Ajia called my name and I wasn’t there, I’ll write a response here — as any online, behind the scenes kinda guy prefers.

Thank you to Ajia Mae Moon for creating a publication that I am proud to edit and write for. Thank you for giving me a platform to share with so many wonderful writers, photographers, and advocates. And thank you for trusting my decisions, listening to my concerns, and having my back like I have yours. And thank you for a great time attending M.O.M. Cup 2018!

Feature Image of Leash Glass M.O.M Cup 2018 cups by Glenn Wells of cannamatch.ca. Thanks, Glenn!