Happy 4/20 2018! We’ve already talked seriously about what almost legal means for attending events this year (be safe!). And this is a day of celebration. So it’s time for our annual puff’n’pass poetry. But Canada’s legalization, and the increase of corporate investors who have previously been anti-pot, mean worry remains over overturning past convictions, helping craft growers, and freeing cannabis in a capitalist society.

A Mom and Pop Pot Shop

Good for more than recreation,
fields of green across the nation
mean hemp for paper, cloth, and rope;
and buds for meds (and smoking dope).
We asked. We pushed because it’s fair.
So we’re not going anywhere.

Yet still so many wringing hands
to legislate and make demands.
They still don’t pardon past “misdeeds” —
soon-legal work in selling weed.
Why then, when voted out, do they

invest in Co.’s without delay?

We all in our community
want choice within this industry.
Have your say through coin or vote.
When buying legal weed take note:
bypass LPs, choose “mom and pop”
for your local cannabis shop!

— Jay Schmoeker 4/20 2018